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Ski for Tyttebær

During the time in kindergarten, every child should be offered ski course the last two years they attend kindergarten. The ski course is organised by the skiforeningen. They have their own instructors who teach children. We have been involved for many years and are very happy with the arrangement . This is a good way to love to ski.

For the maxi and midi group.
The ski course is offered to the maxi- and midi-children in the kindergarten. This is a program that parents themselves pay and is therefore something you do not have to attend.

There will be staff and children left in the kindergarten, so there is no problem if one of various reasons do not want your child to be a part of this.

The child don’t need to have been skiing before. This is a great opportunity to learn to ski from good instructors. We have much experiences with  children who haven’t been skiing before.

The ski course takes place on Eid farm in Asker and within the kindergartens opening hours. Course period is usually from week 3 and the class lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes. A total of 5 times .

The parents enroll to the course directly to the Skiforeningen and pay directly as well. There is also an opportunity  to borrow equipment.
Price is NOK 1.500 (2021-price) per child including bus transport.

More info will follow in december.


We are so lucky that we have the Gym at our disposal 4 days a week. We have our own sports educator who leads the groups. Often the children are divided into age groups who have their regular day they have gym.

There are many different activities and it alternates between toys, adapted activities and exercises and free play.

Through the gym, the children get important experiences with their own body. As the framework plan says: "Through physical activity, children et to know about the world and themselves " In addition to the physical, the gym also provides experiences in social interaction with other children.

There is a lot of social training in dealing with rules to be followed, taking turns and cooperation.

Maxi group

The year before school

The children who will start at school the next year are called the maxi group. Throughout the year they have a separate group where we work with different activities to prepare for school.

We work on 3 core elements as a good preparation:
  1. Love – For Myself
  2. Courage – To practice doing what I can not
  3. Enthusiasm – Looking forward to school
Every year there are several events organised for this group as well. The kids will have swimming lessons, are going to visit schools, and will have a fun overnight trip to Saraholmen.

Also parents are involved in the going-to-school process.


A very important process for parents and kids; from kindergarten to school. There is a whole program from schools, the municipality and the kindergarten to help you and your child being ready for school.

Important dates

Autumn 2021

Letter from Bærum

Information letter about how to apply.
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Autumn 2021

15 november 2021

Deadline signup school

February 2022


Notice of placement at a school

February 2022

June 2022 SFO

Deadline for signing up for after school programs (SFO)
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