Summer, autumn, winter and spring

What to wear

It is so important to have the proper clothes at the barnehage. We play outside, inside and Norway is famous about the different seaons :-) Here is our guide for proper clothes for your child.

Every department has different places where to put clothes. Try to have at least the following at the kindergarten.

For in the cup boards:

  • to gensere / 2 pullovers
  • to bukser / 2 trousers
  • to par sokker / 2 pairs of socks
  • to truser / 2 under wear
  • to T-skjorter / 2 t-shirts
  • to shorts / 2 shorts

Under the cupboards and in the little storage places

  • tynn vindtett jakke / thin wind jacket
  • solkrem / sun cream
  • tøfler/innesko / indoor shoes or slippers

In the hall way:

  • regntøy / rain gear
  • gummistøvler / (rubber) boots
  • joggesko/utesko / out door shoes