About us

The kindergarten is a private kindergarten for the employees in DNV supporting yearly 50 families


The kindergarten is a private kindergarten for the employees at DNV. It is organised as a foundation.

The kindergarten is in what used to be the old house of the director at Høvik Verk. The kindergarten opened with three departments on the 1st of March 1977 and another department was added in 1992.

The kindergarten has 56 places for children from 0-6 years. The children must have turned 1 year before the 1st of December the same year they start. The children are divided between four departments: Blåbærtua, Jordbærenga, Tyttebærtua and Multemyra.

Beautiful environment

The kindergarten has a unique location with the woods and the sea right outside. It is shielded from vehicular traffic. The kindergarten’s outdoor area is big, with a varied terrain and different play sets. It gives the children and the employees the opportunity for different kinds of games and activities.

The woods and the playground offer an active birdlife and a squirrel often comes to visit.

Inspiring international organisation

There are children from different municipalities which means that few or none of the children live near each other. We also have an international environment when it comes to both children and employees. This makes us have a focus on languages and culture throughout the year.

The kindergarten is an educational organisation which has its own characteristics and traditions which are all attended to, while the kindergarten is also viewed in a context with the school’s organisation. The kindergarten is a creator of culture and has an important role when it comes to mediating culture.