DNV is global, so are we!

Since 1977 we host kids from more than 80 countries.

The fact that we are different is normal

In recent years, the kindergarten has become more and more international. As of today, more than 29 nations are represented in the children and staff group. We are proud that we have so many nationalities among children, parents and staff. This has meant that in recent years we have focused on language and culture. We think that having many with different backgrounds gives us a unique opportunity to work with equality and tolerance. Here the children can meet and get to know many different people. The fact that we are different is normal for us. We focus on shared experiences, inclusion and friendship.


To include all the parents, we hold the parent meetings in English, translate monthly plans and the parents who need it get their meetings in English.
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Cultures and traditions

We work on how to make our international environment visible and also how to manage and disseminate Norwegian culture and tradition. We work with parents to find out how we can mark the various holidays that are represented in the children's group. Click on the images to read something about it.


More multi language

The kindergarten has an international group where more than half of the children have a different cultural background than Norwegian. We see this as a great resource in the kindergarten. We gathered some information about languages ​​that can be useful for parents to read.

Bringing up children with multiple languages can be difficult. We have some documentation available to help you a littlebit.
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