Camping on Saraholmen Island

For many years, it has been a tradition for the Maxi-children to have a sleepover at a deserted island. We go out to Saraholmen, an island that we can see from the beach.

Stories from the iland.

The children will hear the story about the island beforehand. There has been a house there, a stove foundry, and several families have lived there. We will hear some of the stories that the children experienced and how they lived. We will bring a lavvo and get ready for an expedition. We will walk around the island to look at the ruins of the different settlements. We also have to walk past the scary cliff that is also the centre of some exciting stories. We will bring a trash bag and pick up everything that does not belong in nature.

Beautiful nature

At the end of the island we have to be especially careful because there are often bird nests on the ground. We also look at plants and insects that live there. During the day we will fish for crab, and also do some swimming. We will have a barbecue, and at the end of the day it will be nice to crawl into our sleeping bags. Most of the children sleep very well after a long day of exploring, even if it is the first night sleeping in a lavvo, and maybe without parents present.

There will be plenty of love, courage and enthusiasm during this trip! More information about the trip with times and a packing list will follow.

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