Camping on Saraholmen Island

For many years, it has been a tradition for the Maxi-children to have a sleepover at a deserted island. We go out to Saraholmen, an island that we can see from the beach.

Stories from the iland.

The children will hear the story about the island beforehand. There has been a house there, a stove foundry, and several families have lived there. We will hear some of the stories that the children experienced and how they lived. We will bring a lavvo and get ready for an expedition. We will walk around the island to look at the ruins of the different settlements. We also have to walk past the scary cliff that is also the centre of some exciting stories. We will bring a trash bag and pick up everything that does not belong in nature.

Beautiful nature

At the end of the island we have to be especially careful because there are often bird nests on the ground. We also look at plants and insects that live there. During the day we will fish for crab, and also do some swimming. We will have a barbecue, and at the end of the day it will be nice to crawl into our sleeping bags. Most of the children sleep very well after a long day of exploring, even if it is the first night sleeping in a lavvo, and maybe without parents present.

There will be plenty of love, courage and enthusiasm during this trip! More information about the trip with times and a packing list will follow.

After school programmes (SFO)

The schools in Bærum municipality invite kindergartens located in the zone for an informal activity at the school/SFO – for example singing, a performance, math day, activity day or SFO.

We will be invited to Høvik Verk school. 

Because the children start at many different schools, we will instead of all going to Høvik Verk, go visiting each school. The kindergarten will contact these schools in order to attend visiting days. We will also contact schools in other municipalities, in order to visit. All children will then visit their school together with a friend from kindergarten. We will make a plan over when the visits are and who is going when.

For schools in Bærum municipality, final enrollment to SFO (skolefritidsordning) is to be completed electronically by 1st June. The enrollment form can be found on the municipality’s website.

Outdoor school

During autumn or spring, the Maxi-children will be offered the chance to attend a nature school, organised by the Outdoor school “Overallehauger”. The nature school will last for 4 weeks and is located at Knabberud. We will travel by mini-bus to Knabberud. The parents will pay for the course and the kindergarten will pay for the transport.

The nature school encourages challenges, excitement, learning and playing in the woods. The course focuses on the spring and the use of our senses, as well as new life. There are visits to the birdcages and explorations of the pond. There are also nature trails, whittling and track trails with different topics.

We will learn a lot of new things that we can bring “home” to the woods around Veritas, and we can continue our exploration.

More information and the programme concerning the nature school will be sent out beforehand.

End or year celebration for Maxi

At the same day as the yearly barbecue party, we will have an end-of-year celebration for the Maxi-children at 4.15pm before the barbecue party begins. Siblings and parents are welcome to join the ceremony where the children will be given their memory folders.

Connection between school and kindergarten

These are objects, games or toys that children will find both in kindergarten and school. All kindergartens and schools in Bærum municipality will allow students to get to know a common book, a boardgame, a game and a song. The idea of using common border objects in the municipality is to increase the likelihood that children experience a continuity and connection between kindergarten and school.

The boundary objects are:

  • Book: “Skinnvotten” (The mitten) A Ukrainian story, remade by Alf Prøysen
  • Boardgame: “Villkatten” (Wild Cat)
  • Game: “Hauk og Due” (Hawk and Dove)
  • Song: “Stopp! Ikke mobb!” (Stop! Don’t bully!) Frode Skålevik