There is a fence all around the kindergarten and the gates are always closed. Only the adults are allowed to open the gate and parents only let their own children out of the kindergarten area.

Scarves, nacklaces and strings

There have been serious accidents in Norway where children have gotten stuck in jackets-, strings on a hat or scarves. We will therefore ask you that strings will be removed and that the children only use loose balaclavas around their necks instead of scarves.The children must not be wearing long necklaces of different kinds as decoration or for playing.

Security checks

There is a professional company that have a yearly security check on the whole playing area outdoors.The staffs have monthly check on indoors and outdoors areas. The kindergarten got a plan of emergency and the staffs are trained in first aid.

Health and sickness

When the kindergarten assesses the child as different from himself / herself / suspicion of illness, the parents are called to discuss the situation. Any info is exchanged and a decision is made in collaboration. That the child should be picked up, or that you look at the situation and possibly call back.

    If the staff is sure that the child is ill, parents should not be available.
    Staff must have confidence that parents do not deliver children they know are ill.
    Parents must be able to trust that other parents do not deliver children who are ill. They must also have confidence that the staff is asking parents with sick children to pick them up.
    If you experience anything else, it must be reported to the kindergarten.
    Children who are to be in the kindergarten must be able to follow normal routines - there is no opportunity for children to be outside during the day.
    It may be wise for parents to consider that children may have shorter days after illness to reduce the chance of them getting sick again.
    For three days or more with a fever, they should have a fever-free day at home
    In case of vomiting diarrhea, they should not return until after 48 hours after the last outbreak
    Eye infection - should be referred to a doctor. Can go to kindergarten with initiated treatment.
    The fact that the child has a runny nose and moderate cough is not a disease if the general condition is good.
    The first year you have to expect a lot of illness
    Follow hand washing procedures when you come and pick up - be a good role model

The following brochure from Bærum municipality can give good advice about children and illness. Read it here: