Visit from Henry, the first aid mascot at the Red Cross for maxi-children 11.06.18

On Monday 11 June, the oldest children in the kindergarten got a visit from Henry, the first aid mascot at the Red Cross.

Author: Dahlberg, Kristina

This visit is an annual happening, where the oldest children, soon ready to start school, spend approximately 40 minutes with Henry and a Red Cross representative.

The Red Cross representative presented a number of colourful images of Henry who had hurt himself while cutting an apple or riding a bike. The children could then learn the three important steps of first aid:

  1. Ask what has happened
  2. Get an adult
  3. Call 113

The children take these three elements seriously and make use of what they have learnt when playing together. Henry is part of a project DNV GL supports through its sponsorship with the Red Cross. By focusing on the importance of first aid knowledge, care and responsibility from an early age, Red Cross is aiming to reach children, staff and parents – and so create great effects in the population.

Who is Henry?

The mascot Henry is named after Henry Dunant, the founder of the Red Cross, who was the first recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Henry- First aid for children attending kindergarten is a learning programme about first aid adapted for children between 3 and 6 years of age.

Henry is designed to raise awareness of first aid both for children and adults, and focuses on compassion, readiness to help and learning to take responsibility.