SKI course details


The bus is picking us up at the busstop at DNV GL at 09.15.


It is important that the child eats a good breakfast in the morning these days. We are having lunch when we return from the ski course.


The child needs to be dressed in what they are supposed to wear under the ski clothes.

Get ready the other clothes that the child shall wear at the childs place in the wardrobe.

Put the ski shoes under the bench at your childs place. Everything has to be marked. Mark also the hat with the childs name in big letters. Use for example tape. Then it is easier for the instructors to help and talk with your child.


The child shall bring skis – not sticks. The skis has to be marked with the childs name and strapped together. Also name the straps. The straps can be in the childs pocket if we don’t have the time to strapped the skis.

The skis has to be brought to the benches by the bus stop at Veritas in the morning. There will be one bag for Blåbærtua and one for Tyttebærtua. You pick up the skis at the same place. You have to bring the skis with the right wax for the day (check or For those who shall borrow ski they will change to ski shoes and get the ski at the place for the course.


  • Eat breakfast.
  • Put the skis in the bag at the bench in the morning.
  • Have the ski with the right wax for the day.
  • The child is dressed right when they come to the kindergarden.
  • Put the right ski clothes at the childs place.
  • Sticker on the hat with the childs name.
  • Pick up the ski at the same place.

You can find information about the days course the same day at They will give out information around 08.00 each day. Bring skis each day for ski course even if the weather seems bad. We need you to help us out with being on time, have the right equipment and clothing and name everything.